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12 & up, Briggs Lo206 (55mph)

15 & up, 100cc Air Cooled, 125cc Water Cooled, Rotax or equivalent (65-75mph)

15 & up, CR125 Honda Shifter, Front wheel brakes (75-90 mph)

Is that time of year again… Vegas/ Super

Track Pass

About Phil Giebler Racing

Phil Giebler Racing was established in 2010 to bring higher, more professional standards to karting and develop young and emerging talent into tomorrow’s IndyCar, NASCAR and Formula 1 drivers.


Founder Phil Giebler, has an outstanding list of achievements in international competition and it all began with karting, auto racing’s primary launching pad worldwide. Giebler progressed through the ranks to race formula cars all over the world against some of the top International Series & competition  (F3, F3000, A1GP World Cup, IndyCar). He was the 2007 Indy 500 Rookie of the Year and the top scoring driver for A1 Team USA. 

In karting he was a threat every event. Giebler won four U.S. Grand National Karting, five California State Karting and three IKF Series championships between 1990 and 1995. He was second in the North American Formula-A Karting Championship in 1996 and it led to a factory sponsorship deal with the prestigious Tony Kart team in Europe. In 1998 Giebler broke a 30 year draught for Americans in international karting when he won the CIK/FIA North American Championship. An event that he was competing against the likes of F1 World Champion Fernando Alonso and other international stars. 

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Phone: (714)-746-0026


Location: Los Angeles, CA

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